Oncotarget: Managing adverse events for basal cell carcinoma

Oncotarget published "Using drug scheduling to manage adverse events associated with hedgehog pathway inhibitors for basal cell carcinoma" which reported that Basal cell carcinoma is the most common malignancy and form of skin cancer worldwide; advanced BCC, either as locally advanced BCC or metastatic BCC, can cause substantial tissue invasion and morbidity.

Until the recent availability of the hedgehog pathway inhibitors sonidegib and vismodegib, treatment options for advanced BCC were... continue reading >>

Oncotarget: Infiltration in human skin squamous-cell carcinoma

Oncotarget published "Mutually exclusive lymphangiogenesis or perineural infiltration in human skin squamous-cell carcinoma" which reported that although tumor-associated lymphangiogenesis correlates with metastasis and poor prognosis in several cancers, it also supports T cell infiltration into the tumor and predicts favorable outcome to immunotherapy.

Using quantitative multiplex immunohistochemistry, the authors analyzed skin squamous-cell carcinoma (sSCC) sections from 36 patients.

CD8 T... continue reading >>

Oncotarget: Improved therapeutic efficacy of unmodified anti-tumor antibodies

The cover for issue 2 of Oncotarget features Figure 4, "Combination therapy TA99/ICB reduced the lung tumor burden in the B16 model of metastases," published in "Improved therapeutic efficacy of unmodified anti-tumor antibodies by immune checkpoint blockade and kinase targeted therapy in mouse models of melanoma" by Pérez-Lorenzo, et al. which reported that here, the authors showed that removing immune suppression and enhancing stimulatory signals increased the anti-tumor activity of unmodified ... continue reading >>

Oncotarget: Mutation profile of primary subungual melanomas in Caucasians

Volume 11 Issue 25 of @Oncotarget reported that this study aimed to define the mutation profile of SUM in Caucasians.

Next-generation sequencing-based genomic analysis was used to identify frequently mutated loci in 50 cancer-related genes in 31 SUM primary tumors.

The most abundant mutations in SUM were found in KIT – in 13% of cases and NRAS – also in 13%, while BRAF - only in 3% of cases.

The authors' findings confirmed a high frequency of KIT and NRAS mutations in SUM, as well as a low... continue reading >>

Oncotarget: PRAME associated with increased metastatic risk

Here is a link to a video interview with Dr. Matthew G. Field about this research on the Oncotarget YouTube Channel

Oncotarget published "Epigenetic reprogramming and aberrant expression of PRAME are associated with increased metastatic risk in Class 1 and Class 2 uveal melanomas" which reported that In this study, we sought to define a threshold value for positive PRAME expression in a large dataset, identify factors associated with PRAME expression, evaluate the prognostic value of PRAME in... continue reading >>

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