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On March 28, 2022 – Impact Journals publishes scholarly journals in biomedical sciences with a focus on all areas of cancer and aging research. Impact Journals is participating as an exhibitor at the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) 2022 annual meeting from April 8-13, 2022, in New Orleans, Louisiana. This year, the AACR conference is entitled, “Decoding Cancer Complexity | Integrating Science | Transforming Patient Outcomes.”

As of January 1, 2022, Oncotarget has shifted to a continuous publishing model. Papers will now be published continuously within yearly volumes in their final and complete form and then quickly released to Pubmed.

On September 23, 2021, Oncotarget (a primarily oncology-focused, peer-reviewed, open access journal) launched a new web page showcasing the full Oncotarget Scientific Integrity Process.

Read about it in greater detail on Oncotarget’s new Scientific Integrity web page.

The new page also showcasts a visual representation of the number of post-publication corrections and retractions by Oncotarget compared to the industry average between 2010 and 2021. As of September 23, 2021, Oncotarget’s rate of corrections/retractions is 2.87%. The industry average correction/retraction rate is 3.80%.

Oncotarget | Anti-Cancer Drug Profiling With CancerOmicsNet


BUFFALO, NY- May 19, 2022 –
A new research paper was published in Volume 13 of Oncotarget, entitled, “CancerOmicsNet: a multi-omics network-based approach to anti-cancer drug profiling.”

Researchers from Louisiana State University developed CancerOmicsNet—a graph neural network model to predict the growth rate of a cancer cell line after drug treatment.

“CancerOmicsNet is more advanced than many deep learning techniques operating in the Euclidean space [47], because it extracts knowledge... continue reading >>

Impact Journals to Present Scientific Integrity Process at 2022 SSP Annual Meeting


Impact Journals is a supporter and exhibitor at the Society for Scholarly Publishing (SSP) 44th Annual meeting—taking place from June 1–3, 2022, at the Sheraton Grand Chicago Riverwalk in Chicago.

BUFFALO, NY-May 16, 2022
– Impact Journals (based out of Buffalo, New York) is an international open-access publisher of journals in the field of biomedical sciences. Impact Journals is on a mission to provide scientists with the opportunity to share exceptional discoveries, offer services that... continue reading >>

Oncotarget: Mutational Burden in Lung Cancer Studied in Multisite Cohort



In a trending new research paper published in Oncotarget, researchers conducted a multi-site cohort study of tumor mutational burden among hundreds of patients diagnosed with stage IV non-small cell lung cancer.

BUFFALO, NY-April 25, 2022 – A new research paper, entitled, “Real-world survival analysis by tumor mutational burden in non-small cell lung cancer: a multisite U.S. study,” was published in Oncotarget on January 31, 2022, by researchers from University of Utah, University of... continue reading >>

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