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Characteristics, survival, and risk factors of Chinese young lung cancer patients: the experience from two institutions

Jianjie Li, Fan Yang, Xiao Li, Min Zhang, Ruozi Fu, Xiaodan Yin and Jun Wang _

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Oncotarget. 2017; 8:89236-89244. https://doi.org/10.18632/oncotarget.19183

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Jianjie Li1,*, Fan Yang2,*, Xiao Li2, Min Zhang1, Ruozi Fu1, Xiaodan Yin1 and Jun Wang2

1Department of Pulmonary Oncology, 307 Hospital of the Academy of Military Medical Sciences, Beijing, China

2Department of Thoracic Surgery, Peking University People’s Hospital, Beijing, China

*These authors contributed equally to this work

Correspondence to:

Jun Wang, email: [email protected]

Jianjie Li, email: [email protected]

Keywords: lung cancer, survival, incidence, risk factors, China

Received: December 28, 2016     Accepted: June 26, 2017     Published: July 12, 2017


Limited data is available regarding lung cancer in Chinese young adults. This study was aimed to determine the characteristics, survival, and prognostic factors of young lung cancer patients in China. We reviewed demographic and clinical data, and survival information of 420 young patients (20–45 years old) diagnosed with lung cancer in two Chinese hospitals between 2000 and 2013. The results showed that lung cancer occurred more frequently (70%) and affected more males than females (43.8% vs 26.7%) in patients older than 36; whereas, more females were affected under age 35 (16.7% vs 12.8%). Most patients had adenocarcinoma (67.6%) and stage IV disease (72.4%) at presentation. The median survival of all young patients with lung cancer was 44 months (95% CI: 39–49), of which patients with stage I–IIIA disease had a longer survival than those with stage IIIB/IV disease (101 vs 22 months, p < 0.001). No significant difference in survival was found in patients having different histological subtypes or genders. Multivariate analysis revealed that high exposure risk occupations, smoking, family history of lung cancer were risk factors of young lung cancer patients. This study provides an overview of the clinical characteristics, patterns and prognostic factors of young patients with lung cancer in China.

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