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Anti-psychotic drug could treat aggressive breast cancer


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A commonly-used anti-psychotic drug could also be effective against triple negative breast cancer, the form of the disease that is most difficult to treat, new research has found. The study, led... continue reading >>

ONC201 kills breast cancer cells in vitro by targeting mitochondria


ONC201 kills breast cancer cells in vitro by targeting mitochondria

TRAIL, a member of the TNF family of ligands, causes caspase–dependent apoptosis through activation of its receptors, death receptor 4 and DR5.

ONC201 was originally identified as a small molecule that inhibits both Akt and ERK, resulting in dephosphorylation of Foxo3a and thereby induces TRAIL transcription.

Recently, two independent groups, Wafik El Deiry at Fox Chase and... continue reading >>

PD-L1 expression in medulloblastoma: an evaluation by subgroup


PD‐L1 expression in medulloblastoma: an evaluation by subgroup

This study evaluated the expression of PD‐L1 and markers of immune mediated resistance in human medulloblastoma, the most common malignant pediatric brain tumor.

In cell lines, SHH MB, which are low‐MYC expressing, demonstrated both constitutive and inducible expression of PD‐L1 while those in Group 3/4 that expressed high levels of MYC had only inducible expression.

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Development of a quantitative pharmacodynamic assay for apoptosis in fixed tumor tissue and its application in distinguishing cytotoxic drug-induced DNA double strand breaks from DNA double strand breaks associated with apoptosis


Existing microscopy-based methods of detecting apoptosis, such as TUNEL (terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase dUTP nick-end labeling), have limited quantitative capabilities due to insufficient signal-to-noise ratios. Researchers at the National Cancer Institute and National Cancer Institute-Frederick have addressed this issue via development of a highly specific apoptosis assay designed for immunofluorescence microscopy analysis of fixed core needle biopsy specimens.

The high... continue reading >>

OncoDNA announces publication of peer-reviewed study in Oncotarget assessing the utility of its unique biomarker analysis and interpretation platform in clinical decision making

  • - OncoDNA treatment recommendation followed in 60% of cases
  • - 93% of treatment decisions were made based on a holistic approach combining next generation sequencing (NGS) and multiple biomarker analysis provided by OncoDNA
  • - 27% of late-stage patients treated with OncoDNA-recommended therapies had overall survival >12 months, compared to a typical average of no more than six months

Gosselies, Belgium -... continue reading >>

Analysis of the 9p21.3 sequence associated with coronary artery disease reveals a tendency for duplication in a CAD patient


Before a conclusive link between the SDs and the cardiovascular diseases can be made, further analysis is required on the CAD interval in more patients with coronary artery disease and in the human population, using the TAR cloning technique in combination with qPCR or Droplet digital PCR developed in this work.

The research team said that "in the past years, an emerging group of human genetic diseases have been described that result from DNA rearrangements rather than from... continue reading >>

Preclinical characterization of therapeutic antibodies targeted at the carboxy-terminus of Sonic hedgehog


Even though the Shh pathway is mainly quiescent in adults, the safety of Shh-targeting with therapeutic antibodies was questioned initially because not only does the N-terminus of the Shh protein play an important role in embryonic development, but Shh also plays a poorly understood role in tissue homeostasis and repair in adults.

Furthermore, the research team previously showed that Shh+ cells expressing the full-length protein appeared to provide a signal for proliferation,... continue reading >>

Precision oncology in advanced cancer patients improves overall survival with lower weekly healthcare costs


The use of advanced molecular diagnostic technologies, such as Next-Generation Sequencing based gene panel testing, to select targeted therapies in advanced cancer patients is known as precision oncology.

In order to evaluate the impact of precision cancer medicine beyond the PFS window and to determine the degree to which any survival or cost advantages persisted, they conducted a follow up analysis on the subset of 44 patients from the original study to measure overall survival,... continue reading >>

Prognostic role of elevated mir-24-3p in breast cancer and its association with the metastatic process


Prognostic role of elevated mir-24-3p in breast cancer and its association with the metastatic process

Despite improvements in local, regional and systemic therapies for breast cancer, 40,610 women are expected to die from metastatic breast cancer in the US in 2017.

Therefore, there is a need to identify novel prognostic and predictive markers of occult metastases to better individualize adjuvant systemic therapy and develop new therapeutic approaches to... continue reading >>

Oncotarget to be Indexed in Highly Esteemed Meta Database


Oncotarget to be Indexed in Highly Esteemed Meta Database
Chan Zuckerberg Initiative's Meta Database increases accessibility of scientific data around the world

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. - February 21, 2018 - This week, Oncotarget announced that its peer-reviewed research publications will be indexed in Meta, a world-renowned database comprised of a plethora scientific literature, alongside... continue reading >>

Oncotarget: Cancer pioneer employs physics to approach cancer in last research article


Oncotarget: Cancer pioneer employs physics to approach cancer in last research article
Distinguished Professor Donald S. Coffey spent more than 50 years at Johns Hopkins and influenced generations of cancer researchers worldwide.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - ORCHARD PARK, New York - (FEBRUARY 20, 2018) - In the cover article of... continue reading >>

Oncotarget now publishing two issues a week available in PubMed and other high profile scientific research indexes and archives


Oncotarget, a distinguished multidisciplinary bio-medical journal, reassured readers this week that all of its scientific publications are and will continue to be available on PubMed, PubMed Central, ISI/Web of Science: Science Citation Index Expanded, Scopus, Biological Abstracts, BIOSIS Previews, and EMBASE. In cooperation with the National Library of Medicine, Oncotarget is achieving its goal to become the first research journal to submit an entire issue to PubMed just... continue reading >>

Oncotarget awards grants to four biomedical researchers at Frontiers in Cancer Science


ORCHARD PARK, New York - (Dec. 6, 2017) - Oncotarget, the world's largest oncology peer-reviewed research publication, awarded travel grants enabling four biomedical researchers to attend November's Frontiers in Cancer Science 2017 (FCS 2017) conference in Singapore. The travel sponsorship encourages the discussion of cancer discoveries in support of... continue reading >>

Oncotarget: Researchers identify a potential molecular trigger for invasiveness in prostate cancer cells


ORCHARD PARK, New York - (Nov. 20, 2017) - A small protein modification can trigger the aggressive migratory and invasive properties of prostate cancer cells, according to new research published on the cover of Oncotarget. The... continue reading >>

Oncotarget: Researchers identify potential therapeutic target in aggressive breast cancer cells


ORCHARD PARK, New York - (November 15, 2017) - An especially aggressive breast cancer cell can respond to hormone therapy if they express a specific protein known as estrogen receptor beta (ER?), according to new research published on the cover of Oncotarget. The findings also revealed additional molecules that the researchers suggest... continue reading >>

New Oncotarget Podcast Launched Today

Podcast will Extend Reach of Oncotarget to Professional Scientists and the Public

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - ORCHARD PARK, New York - (November 8, 2017) - Oncotarget, the world′s largest oncology peer-reviewed research publication, is set to extend its reach with a series of podcasts that will allow scientists to delve deeper into a variety of research contributions found in the... continue reading >>

Researchers identify novel therapeutic strategy for drug-resistant thyroid cancers

A video interview with the corresponding author and an audio version of this research article is also available online.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - ORCHARD PARK, New York - (October 18, 2017) - Perhaps the only thing more devastating than being diagnosed with cancer is to find out after a period of... continue reading >>

Individuals in the US diagnosed with cancer are 2.7 times more likely to declare bankruptcy, than individuals without cancer, study finds

An audio version of this research article is also available online

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - ORCHARD PARK, New York - (September 27, 2017) - As advancements in cancer therapies have been making headlines in recent years, cancer drug prices have significantly increased. The remaining question is, what are the economic impacts of... continue reading >>

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