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Oncotarget was invited by Meta to index its content. Meta, a world-renowned database of scientific literature, was acquired by the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative to make Meta's artificial intelligence (AI) technologies available to enhance scientists' ability to search, read, and tie together millions of scientific papers.

Impact factor (IF) Web of Science is 5.168

Title IF
e-Life 7.725
Oncogene 7.519
Oncotarget 5.168
Mol Cell Biol 4.398
Sci Reports 4.259
JBC 4.125
BMC Cancer 3.288
PLOS ONE 2.806
In October of 2017, Clarivate Analytics (owner of the Web of Science index) honored Oncotarget as one of the 14 “rising star” journals for 2017.

We remain perplexed by their abrupt decision not to include Oncotarget in the master list of journals for 2018 without provided advanced notice or clear grounds. Current publications are not indexed in the Core Collection of Web of Science, and the next Impact Factor may not be released. However, the next Impact Factor can be calculated, using publicly available Web of Science data for 2017.

The entire Volume 8 (2017) is now in PubMed.
Volume 9 (2018) issues (1-28) are now in PubMed. Please see the link.

According to the statement from the MEDLINE reviewers on 6/22/2017,
"This journal continues to play a major role in the publication of important basic science research papers. Editorial practices are consistently high. Ethical guidelines are consistently followed. This is an important research journal for the field."

Oncotarget will continue to be indexed in PMC and PubMed. We have successfully completed the transition from Medline/PubMed indexing to PMC/PubMed indexing, which enables us to archive the full text of articles. All articles rapidly appear in PMC and PubMed.

Impact factor (IF) Web of Science (Clarivate Analytics)

Year IF Total Cites
2016 5.168 30241
2015 5.008 10452
2014 6.359 3908
2013 6.627 2217
2012 6.636 1450
2011 4.784 493

Scopus/SJR ranking: 2011-ongoing: Q1 (highest rank). All years Q1 in Medicine and Oncology (subject area).

Oncotarget ranks number 1 on Total Documents (2015-2016) among all journals in Oncology, see here

Oncotarget is an outstanding and most important journal in the field of oncology and cancer research. Oncotarget is performing an extremely useful function for those of us working not only in cancer research, but also on other important topics in the field of medicine. Oncotarget deserves a strong support from investigators working in the area of oncology as well as from NIH.

-- Andrew V. Schally, member of the Editorial Board
Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, 1977

Members of Editorial Board Carlo M. Croce (former Editor-in-Chief of Cancer Research) and Andrew Schally (Nobel Prize winner) have respectively published 27 and 10 papers in Oncotarget.

250 Plus Papers from the Editorial Board:
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