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Nomogram basing pre-treatment parameters predicting early response for locally advanced rectal cancer with neoadjuvant chemotherapy alone: a subgroup efficacy analysis of FOWARC study

Jianwei Zhang, Yue Cai, Huabin Hu, Ping Lan, Lei Wang, Meijin Huang, Liang Kang, Xiaojian Wu, Hui Wang, Jiayu Ling, Jian Xiao, Jianping Wang and Yanhong Deng _

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Oncotarget. 2016; 7:5053-5062. https://doi.org/10.18632/oncotarget.6469

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Jianwei Zhang1,*, Yue Cai1,*, Huabin Hu1, Ping Lan2, Lei Wang2, Meijin Huang2, Liang Kang2, Xiaojian Wu2, Hui Wang2, Jiayu Ling1, Jian Xiao1, Jianping Wang2 and Yanhong Deng1

1 Department of Medical Oncology, The Sixth Affiliated Hospital of Sun-Yat Sen University, Guangzhou, Guangdong, P.R. China

2 Department of Colorectal Surgery, The Sixth Affiliated Hospital of Sun-Yat sen University, Guangzhou, Guangdong, P.R. China

* These authors have contributed equally to this work

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Jianping Wang, email:

Yanhong Deng, email:

Keywords: neoadjuvant chemotherapy, nomogram, predictive, rectal cancer

Received: September 01, 2015 Accepted: November 25, 2015 Published: December 04, 2015


Objective: To develop an accurate model with pre-treatment parameters to predict tumor regression and down-staging in locally advanced rectal cancer patients, basing the cohort of preoperative chemotherapy alone in FOWARC study.

Patients and Methods: From Jan 2011 to Feb 2015, complete data was available for 137 out of 165 patients who received preoperative chemotherapy alone. All pre-treatment clinical parameters were collected. Tumor regression grade (TRG) 0-1 was defined as good regression, and pathological TNM stage (ypTNM) 0-I after neoadjuvant treatment was defined as good down-staging. Nomogram was established to predict tumor regression and down-staging. The predictive performance of the model was assessed with concordance index and calibration plots.

Results: Of the 137 patients, 10 had TRG 0 (complete regression); 32 patients, TRG 1; and 95 patients, TRG 2 and 3 (poor regression); 56 (40.9%) patients were classified as good down-staging with ypTNM stage 0-I. The predictive nomograms were developed to predict the probability of TRG 0-1 and good down-staging with a C-index of 0.72 (95% CI: 0.604-0.797) and 0.76 (95% CI: 0.681-0.844). Calibration plots showed good statistical performance on internal validation. Predictive factors in the models included tumor length, tumor circumferential extent, age, and ApoA1.

Conclusions: The model based on available clinical parameters could accurately predict early efficacy with neoadjuvant mFOLFOX6 chemotherapy alone, which might help in patient selection for optimized treatment.

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