Oncotarget Journal Launches Special Collection on Breast Cancer


Oncotarget launched its first Special Collection of scientific publications directly related to breast cancer research in honor of breast cancer awareness.

BUFFALO, NY-November 18, 2020 – Each year, an estimated 40,000+ women and men lose the battle against breast cancer in the United States. After skin cancer, breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women.

Oncotarget launched the new Special Collections series on the free-to-read and rigorously peer-reviewed journal's website. The first collection in this series is the Special Collection on breast cancer—which includes numerous recently published scientific papers that pertain to breast cancer research in the Oncotarget Journal.

“Special Collections are useful tools for researchers who are interested in learning from previously published studies about a specific topic,” the Oncotarget Media Office explains.

Papers included in this collection relate to new prognostic markers, risk factors, therapies, gene and protein studies, oncogenes, and other target mechanisms that may be used to treat breast cancer. This free-to-read collection is designed to be an open access resource for the medical science community to promote a better understanding of all the latest and most important breast cancer research.

“This new collection can be used as a resource to help researchers and scientists design new studies that may lead to novel breakthroughs in breast cancer treatments and therapies,” the Oncotarget Media Office said.

Read the new Oncotarget Special Collection on breast cancer.

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