Correction: RKIP regulates CCL5 expression to inhibit breast cancer invasion and metastasis by controlling macrophage infiltration

Ila Datar, Xiaoliang Qiu, Hong Zhi Ma, Miranda Yeung, Shweta Aras, Ivana de la Serna, Fahd Al-Mulla, Tuan Zea Tan, Jean Paul Thiery, Robert Trumbly, Fan Xuan, Hongjuan Cui and Kam C. Yeung _

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Oncotarget. 2016; 7:26925. https://doi.org/10.18632/oncotarget.9139

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Due to an error made by the authors while submitting a revision, Dr. Tuan Zea Tan was omitted from the list of authors.

Corrected: Correct author list can be found below. Authors sincerely apologize for this oversight.

Original article: Oncotarget. 2015; 6(36): 39050-61. DOI: 10.18632/oncotarget.5176.

Ila Datar1, Xiaoliang Qiu1, Hong Zhi Ma1, Miranda Yeung1, Shweta Aras1, Ivana de la Serna1, Fahd Al-Mulla2, Tuan Zea Tan3, Jean Paul Thiery3, Robert Trumbly1, Xuan Fan4, Hongjuan Cui4 and Kam C. Yeung1

1 Department of Biochemistry and Cancer Biology, University of Toledo, College of Medicine, Health Science Campus, Toledo, OH, USA

2 Kuwait University, Faculty of Medicine. P.O. Box 24923, Safat, Kuwait

3 Department of Biochemistry, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore, Singapore

4 State Key Laboratory Of Silkworm Genome Biology, Chongqing, China

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