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RMP predicts survival and adjuvant TACE response in hepatocellular carcinoma

Jian Zhang, Tian-Yi Jiang, Bei-Ge Jiang, Chun Yang, Ye-Xiong Tan, Ning Yang, Yu-Fei Pan, Zhi-Wen Ding, Guang-Zhen Yang, Meng-Chao Wu, Li-Wei Dong and Hong-Yang Wang _

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Oncotarget. 2015; 6:3432-3442. https://doi.org/10.18632/oncotarget.3092

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Jian Zhang1,2,5,*, Tian-Yi Jiang1,2,*, Bei-Ge Jiang3,*, Chun Yang1,2,*, Ye-Xiong Tan1,2, Ning Yang3, Yu-Fei Pan1,2, Zhi-Wen Ding1,2, Guang-Zhen Yang1, Meng-Chao Wu3, Li-Wei Dong1,2 and Hong-Yang Wang1,2,4

1 International Cooperation Laboratory on Signal Transduction, Eastern Hepatobiliary Surgery Institute, The Second Military Medical University, Shanghai, P. R. China

2 National Center for Liver Cancer, Shanghai, P.R. China

3 Department of Surgery, Eastern Hepatobiliary Surgery Hospital, The Second Military Medical University, Shanghai, P.R. China

4 State Key Laboratory of Oncogenes and related Genes, Shanghai Cancer Institute, Renji Hospital, Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine, P.R. China

5 Current address: Department of Cardiac Surgery, General Hospital of Shenyang Military Area Command, Shenyang, P. R. China

* These authors contributed equally to this work


Hong-Yang Wang, email:

Li-Wei Dong, email:

Keywords: hepatocellular carcinoma, RPB5-mediating protein, adjuvant transcatheter arterial chemoembolization, overall survival, prognosis

Received: November 16, 2014 Accepted: December 25, 2014 Published: December 30, 2014


Adjuvant transcatheter arterial chemoembolization (TACE) protects against hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) and is associated with reduced disease recurrence and improved outcome after surgery. However, deterioration of liver function after TACE negatively impacts the patient prognosis and limits it use as an option to prolong survival. We analyzed two independent cohorts that included a total of 510 patients with HCC who had undergone tumor resection. Immunohistochemistry assay was used to measure RPB5-mediating protein (RMP) expression and assessed their association with recurrence rate and response to therapy with adjuvant TACE. In patients with HCC, the expression of RMP in tumor is associated with age, gender, tumor size, portal venous invasion, TNM stages, BCLC stages and overall survival. Among patients with high RMP expression, adjuvant TACE after resection was associated with early recurrence. Even in the patients with small tumor size (no more than 5 cm) or no venous invasion, RMP status is associated with response to adjuvant TACE. RMP status in tumors may be a useful marker in estimating prognosis in patients with HCC and in assisting in the selection of patients who are likely to benefit from adjuvant TACE to prevent relapse.

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